Ryan Dunn Is Dead


Unless you’re a young, juvenile delinquent like myself, you’re probably wondering who the heck Ryan Dunn is. Luckily for you, you haven’t been living under a rock for the past ten-ish years and you’ve seen the movie Jackass. If that isn’t the case, go out and watch it. It will be worth your while. Just don’t eat a large meal beforehand. 😉

After you’ve watched Jackass, take a second and remember the scene where the guy shoves a toy car up his butt and visits the doctor. The fine young man who performed such prank is indeed the same Ryan Dunn referenced in the title of this post.

Now that You know who I’m talking about, we can move on. I don’t know much about Ryan Dunn. I’ve never followed him or anything he’s done. Outside of Jackass, I would have no idea that he existed, which caused me to think a bit.

How many people are there who are just like me? How many people will remember Ryan Dunn only as the guy who got his rocks off by sticking toy cars up his butt? Does it even matter how someone is remembered? Maybe I take it one step further. How do his parents feel as they try to mourn their son’s death while the world recalls his least flatting moments?

What do you think about all of this? Leave a comment below.


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