The Importance of Napping

Like so many great procrastinators, StumbleUpon has become my best friend over the past couple months.  Recently, I found a blog called The Art of Manliness, and it is awesome.  Anything and everything that you ever need to know is on this  blog.  It is full of great articles, and you can easily waste an hour or two just reading.  

Anyway, yesterday I was going through the blog, and I found this great post on napping that really caught my attention.

You need a boost of creativity. Don’t know how many happy little clouds to add to your painting, and Bob Ross won’t be on until 3? Does writing your essay for English class feel, as Ronald Reagan put it, like crapping a pineapple? Then you need a dose of REM sleep, which increases your creativity. You’ll need a longer nap to get to the REM stage and since potential REM peaks early in the day and declines from there, aim for something like a 90 minute nap before 2 pm.


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