Man Steals $240,000 from an Airplane Bathroom

Ok, after reading the title, you’re probably like, WTF.  Why in the heck is there almost a quarter of a million dollars in an airplane bathroom.  Well, there isn’t.  A man knew that there was a bag from the security company Brinks in the cargo hold that held $1.6 million.  He faked a stomach ache, went to the bathroom, pulled out some panels, and made his way into the cargo hold where he stole all of that money.


The unidentified crook complained of feeling sick and spent most of the flight in the bathroom, flight attendants told police.
But in fact, airline officials said, the man was tearing out panels in the restroom in order to crawl into the cargo hold.
A Brink’s security guard had placed sacks of cash containing $1.6 million in the hold of the Air Antilles plane before it took off from Guadeloupe for a 40 minute trip to Saint Martin, according to Fox News.

The guard discovered that $238,000 was missing after he retrieved the sacks when the plane landed.

I think that the situation is pretty cool because this is the kind of thing that you see in a movie that you would never believe possible in real life.  That’s pretty sick!  The guy is a thief, and he should be prosecuted if he gets caught, but until then he is a bad ass.

What do you think?  Tell me in a comment below.

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