Kawasaki’s Upcoming Futuristic, High-Tech Motorcycle

I just read an article on FastCompany that talks about a whole bunch of cool technology that is supposed to be part of the 1400 GTR as of this fall.

According to patent documents rooted out by Gizmag, Kawasaki is developing a rack of novel technologies for the next generation of its high-tech flagship motorcycle, the 1400 GTR. These include not only an infrared camera system, but also a helmet-mounted, heads-up display for projecting those pictures, and a collision avoidance system, which will detect and highlight potential dangers.

All of this sounds pretty cool, but I think a lot of people ride motorcycles because they are so much more raw than driving in cars.  People like to have the wind in their ears and feel the road beneath them.  I don’t want a heads-up display and collision avoidance system on my bike.  I want the experience to be as analog as possible, just me and a roaring engine beneath me.

What do you think about these technological advancements?  Leave a comment below.

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