iMovie or Final Cut Express

I have been using Final Cut Express for nearly a year, mostly because I never knew that iMovie contained almost all of the features that I really wanted.  I learned to use Final Cut pretty quickly thanks to a number of Video Editing Tutorials.  I can honestly say that I still have no idea as to the complete capability of iMovie.  The interface seems absolutely ridiculous compared to Final Cut.  I never know where to find what I'm looking for.

Moving up from iMovie to Final Cut Express isn’t an easy decision—Final Cut Express costs $200, while iMovie is free with every new Mac, or $79 as part of iLife. So is it worth it? If your video editing consists of nothing more than the occasional edit of a 45-second clip recorded on your digital camera, then probably not.

But if you work on longer projects, or want access to a wider array of features (including third-party plug-ins), then Final Cut Express is well worth the investment. It may not be free, but the timesaving interface makes it money well spent in my book.


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